Yorkshire Hundred and Quo Warranto Rolls 1274-1294

Yorkshire Hundred and Quo Warranto Rolls 1274-1294

The Hundred Rolls and quo warranto rolls were sets of records created by the government of Edward I.

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In 1274 Edward I returned to England from crusade, and ordered a major investigation into encroachments upon his rights and the misconduct of local government officers. Enquiries were made hundred by hundred, and wapentake by wapentake. Subsequently the king required claimants to prove by what authority they held delegated royal powers: they were summoned by the writ quo warranto (by what warrant). The two sets of records became known as the “hundred rolls” and the “quo warranto rolls.” This edition is the first published translation for any English county and provides a valuable source for many aspects of late 13th-century Yorkshire society.

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